• The Silent Noise Makers Don’t Work

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    February 8, 2019 /  Business Management Jobs

    My husband was getting ready to call for bird control in Monmouth County NJ. I was not sure how it was going to work because my husband tried to hire someone to come out and they said that it was going to be over one thousand dollars to get the birds out of our very tall tree. The birds like to swoop down and taunt our dog and it gets really close, my dog almost caught one of the birds and then we had a sky turn black, you could not tell if it was night or day and it was really scary. They all converged on my dog, the sky turned black and it was full of birds just circling one another, waiting to go into the middle so they could swoop down and get my dog. My husband yelled out the window to me to get the dog and go inside and we did.

    Just as fast as all the big, black birds came into our yard they vanished. If you were not there, you would never believe that it even happened. My neighbors came out and asked me if it was going to be OK that we all talked about what happened because apparently these birds actually got a rabbit. I could not believe that a bird would come down and pick up a rabbit right off of the ground and fly away with it. We all decided that since we had cameras on the outside of our homes that we would all go look and see what it looked like from that vantage point. When we were happy, we went and we looked at the different things that we could do to keep them away and we tried the silent noise makers that detect motion but they did not work.

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